Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Much to Say, So Little Time in Which to Say It

On Saturday, February 2nd, sometime between 1:30 and 3:30, you can hear my interview about body image on CBC radio one, DNTO (Definitely Not The Opera).

I'm quite excited about this! Sure, I've been interviewed many times by many different people in a wide array of media, but it always gives me a little thrill to know someone actually wants to sit down with me and ask for my opinion.

Sook Yin Lee asked me a lot of questions within an hour's time.  What did I think strangers thought of me upon meeting me for the first time?  What was the most favourite part of my body?  Could I describe what having Cerebral Palsy is actually like for me?  How did I handle situations where I came across a person (or people) who obviously 1) underestimated my mental capacity and 2) thought that, just because I have a disability, I must be asexual as well.

They were all good questions, and I did my best to give good and interesting responses in return  However, I wish I could have said more.  For example, as a child, I felt a bit modest about having my naked being exposed.  Even now,  after so many years, I\still feel traumatized when I remember about the time a male camp councilor changed me out of my wet bathing suit into dry clothes, or the time when the caretaker of my school, smelling of sweat and beer helped me onto and off of the toilet.

I'm not sure when exactly my modesty switch was turned to the off position, but I began to think of modesty as being silly.  I've had so many people see me naked: doctors, nurses, family members, friends, attendants, and employees.  It's no biggie.  We are all cut from the same cloth.  We all have the same kind of equipment, just a different variation of it in each person.

Besides, there's a certain power in not caring if you're seen naked.  Taunters and blackmailers would have no ammunition if people stopped feeling ashamed of their naked forms.

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Amy said...

Anne, I'm the Amy Salloway whose body story is right before yours on the DNTO Body Image episode. I absolutely love your interview - I'm was just cheering for you, as you were talking about how incorrect it is that you're perceived as not being sexual, and how beautiful all bodies are. Thank you for your wise and honest words! :) All the best to you!