Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeling Much Better... Again

Feeling much better... again.  Thank god!  Yesterday I felt absolutely miserable at the market and had to pack up at 2:00 and go home. I drank peppermint ginger tea, spiked with whiskey, and slept for two hours.  During that time Laura ( AKA "nurse" Laura) ordered a pizza and ran out to get some groceries for me. When she returned, while I was still in bed, I asked her to assist me by tidying up the top of my dresser and putting Mom's jewelry box there.  A neatness fiend like myself, I could almost hear Mom saying, "Oh, Annie, that looks so nice!"

In the evening, Laura and I ate pizza and salad, drank to our health with ginger beer, and watched Coronation St., Fringe, Creature Comforts, and My Hero.

Today was pretty low-key as well.  I did some computer work, watched some shows - oh yes, and Yuula and I found that Rogers PVR box, so now they'll have to reduce my bill when I return it to them tomorrow!

All in all, things seem to be looking up.

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