Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Laid Plans Often Go Astray

Ok, so I didn't make it to our favourite restaurant, nor did I end up painting this evening. Because so many of my employees are down with the flu, I had to write emails and text people this afternoon and evening to try to fill shifts, especially overnight shifts. After everything had been finally straightened out, I didn't feel like going to Cafe California and putting on a brave face. Besides, I'm broke.

In between dealing with this aforementioned stressful situation, I wrote on Rob's Facebook wall, mushy and romantic stuff, like:  "Happy Annie-versary, Sweety!! We met 25 years ago and never looked back!" and "25 years, 100 years, 1 million-billion-trillion-zillion years - you'll always be the love of my life, Sweety!!!! xoxo"  I also put clips from YouTube of The IT Crowd on his wall, as well as "Love of My Life" by Frank Zappa. 

I toasted him with Scotch again and cried a little.

I went outside to sprinkle some of Rob's ashes because he loved snow so much, but the snowbanks were filthy and shrunken. I'll wait until a more wintery day to do the deed. 

I'm listening to a Frank Zappa concert from 1988, which coincidentally is the year Rob and I met. If Rob's spirit is in the apartment (and I'm sure it is), he's probably grooving out.

I love you, Rob. Happy Annie-versary!

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