Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Late afternoon on January 2nd, 2013

This morning started out as usual, by letting Hershey lick some of my health drink (or, as I call it, Yucky Drink) from my index finger.  And then, as I sat at the kitchen table, both cats jumped on top, vying for the best spot   - the warmth of the closed laptop.  They know that most days my focus is usually upon my laptop, from mid-morning until late afternoon.  It is the best vantage point for them to get patted and shown love, and to declare their hunger for breakfast.

I had Lenny assist me in writing out cheques for my employees and 12 rent cheques for the year.  The year might have changed, but my need to be organized hasn't.

I felt the terrible pangs of grief take hold of me as "Time After Time" by Cindi Lauper (or as Rob used to call her: Cindi Lobster) played repeatedly in my head.  This time I didn't cry.  I distracted myself by answering emails and watching Game of Thrones.

There are so many things I want and need to do that I feel more than slightly anxious.  Christmas orders for cards and paintings have made me behind schedule in mailing out my Dandy membership greeting cards. Hopefully, people will be understanding when they receive their cards in the middle of the month instead of the beginning.  I have to work on my employees schedule for this current pay period, and I have to update my business ledger. The painting of the man and his dog needs to be finished too.

Where do I start? Where do I start?

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