Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life at the St Lawrence Market

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I'm tired.  Selling my wide selection of merchandise every Saturday always wears me out.  Of course, only having had only four hours of sleep might be another factor could be that I just had a Percocet and Gravol to deal with the excruciating neck/shoulder/lower back pain I get every Saturday. 

This is not a long entry ....

As usual, I had a chocolate/banana/peanut butter crepe while an accordion player and guitarist played very badly on either side of me.  (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Kill me now!)

I did pretty well today.  Getting over $100.00 is fantastic for January.  January usually sucks the big one in terms of sales.

My customers seemed extra nice today, maybe because of the weirdly temperate.  I was so glad to see one of my regular customers and his wife.  They told me that, coincidentally, someone had bought one of my paintings and had given it  as a Christmas present.  They told me that they had loved it and had put it in a place of honour, which pleased me to no end!

And then, somewhat sheepishly, they told me a very funny story about their cat.  Not only do they walk it on a leash, they also put "angel wings" and let it climb trees with this costume on.  People, especially cat people, (including me!) are so weird.

I brought my iPad with me to the market today to do work.  I'm so happy that I got 99% of my emails finally written.  And, I set up three appointments to interview people as prospective employees.  I like getting on top of things; it makes me happy.

I was going to go to a wedding today, but because of difficulties beyond our control it didn't happen.  Well, it did, but just not with me.

I was going to go see The Hobbit after the market, but I was too exhausted.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow.   I have such such fond memories of Mom reading that book when I was a teenager.

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