Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Damned Busy!

Yuula and I at May Day March, 2012

My friend Yuula said to me recently, "Anne, your blog is so good! Why don't you write more often?"

Why indeed!

Well, I run my own business, which takes up ... hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe 75% of my time - and that's not a bad thing at all!  It stimulates the creative part of my mind and gives me ideas for both my business and artwork.

My involvement in activism to promote positive social change within our society also takes time from my busy schedule. I love it; I feel like I'm making a difference!

Daily scheduling all of my employees is another venture that takes a huge chunk of my time.  Most times it goes fairly smoothly, other times shifts switch between people so fast that it makes my head spin and my mind yell: "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"   However, it is a small price to pay in order to have true independence and hire who I like and respect, and who feel the same about me.

Writing, too,  is another that thing that I love to do. This blog, of course, is one way to hone my writing skills. However, I also compose speeches, poetry, and works of fiction.  Recently, I've been trying to focus all of my attention upon a project I've been planning and talking about for years: a compilation of both my diary (1996-2002) and my blog entries (2008-to present). Actually, discussing my ideas for this compilation feels to me like a snake eating its own tail.

Every day, I write emails to friends, family, and customers; and I post interesting/infuriating/humourous items upon my Facebook wall.

I shop and buy necessities, like food and toiletries and cleaning supplies.  Sometimes I splurge and buy clothes. This month, I've actually found time to go and see three movies with friends.

Every Tuesday, I meet my mother at Tim Hortons.  We go grocery shopping, browse in Winner's, and then go to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner.

 And, each day I find the time to dote upon my sweet, adorable cats. In this time of upheaval and stress, they remind me not to take life too seriously.  I take great joy in showering them with love and letting them lick canned pumpkin from my index finger.

I was going to write about a particularly busy week two weeks ago and list everything I did within those seven days, but I think I'll limit myself to one humourous story instead.

 I was invited by someone from OCAP to go to the Mayworks Festival, which was also hosted by the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions.  "Food Fight: Resisting Austerity" was the name of  the event, I was told, and two short films would be shown, and afterwards, a panel would discuss the themes of these films.

I thought the event sounded interesting and worthwhile, so I agreed to go.  Plus, I knew I was in one of the films, the one called Raise the Rates/Special Diet Campaign. (You can watch it at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jv2gVmjTrY).  I had seen it before but not with an audience, so  I was curious to see people's reactions to it.

This is just an example of how busy I am these days! I guess I had misread the invitation in the email from OCAP, because I thought I was going to be simply a spectator not a participant.  Upon my arrival, I was told that a spot on the panel had been saved for me. For a split second I gaped, self-conscious about being in my old painting clothes, but then I smiled and said, "No problem!" And, amazingly, it wasn't! With no preparation, no Lorazepam, I did fine -  I even made people laugh!

I'm always busy, and this is how I like it!