Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Night Post Market PAIN

This won't be a long entry because I'm in a lot of pain with my neck and lower back.  It always happens, to varying degrees, every Saturday after the market. And, it's even worse when it's freezing cold.

So, just the highlights: I only made $45. Bloody hell! But one woman said she might buy a subscription to my membership. That's good! And I met a men who was a fellow lover of Frank Zappa. Funny enough his name was Rob and he played the drums! He said he might order a Frank Zappa t-shirt from me. Yay!!! And I saw some regular customers, Ayden and his mom. I love it when they drop by.

I wanted to go to the demo outside the Maple Leaf Gardens after work but by the time I got back it was over. These days I feel like Cinderella when it comes to demos because a lot of the time they have them on Saturdays and I'm too busy trying to make money that day.

Where oh where is my fairy godmother? Maybe she could give me a new back too.

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