Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Am Not a Cat!

Today I asked Sarah to meet me at Loblaws at 4:00 to help me buy some groceries.  I was a bit early, so I went inside to browse. Almost immediately a man and a woman came up to me. The man seemed very friendly and he kept saying, "I like your colours! I like your colours!" I knew he probably meant the paint on my wheelchair (unless he was on mushrooms and everything was colourful), so I smiled back at him and pointed to "Thank you" on my board. To my horror he said, "Awwwww!" and patted me on the head. The guy did not know how close he came to being run over! Instead I drove off in search of Sarah.

When I did find Sarah and told her the story, smart ass that she is, she said, "Anne? Didn't Lenny tell you that you've turned into a cat?" I laughed of course, and we bought cat nip. I said, "I feel like getting high and rolling around."

Seriously though, people, if you meet me somewhere please control yourselves. I may be cute and cuddly and colourful, but I am not a cat. Sure, I live with cats and I love cats, but I don't want to be patted like a cat. Hell, even sometimes my cats don't want to be patted! Dandylion would tear a person to shreds if they tried to pat him. He only liked Rob and I to get close to him. Occasionally, I let Sarah pat me on the head, but only because she lets me do it to her. And, maybe I'd let Johnny Depp pat me on the head, BUT NOBODY ELSE!

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