Saturday, July 5, 2014


I had to train Marjie how to do the market shift today.

I explained to Marjie how to set up all of my artwork.

I gave it a once over and decided it looked pretty damned good! I think a lot of customers liked the set-up, too, because I didn't do too badly in the sales department.

However, one thing upset and shocked me today.  When I first entered the building, I immediately noticed that the Urban Hat stall had been all shut down, and a note from the owner was taped onto the wall. The note said that after ten years she had decided to quit, but there was no explanation as to why she had made the decision.

Andrea, who has a salt/soap/essential oils shop across from Urban Hat, told me her take on the situation.  She thinks that the market management probably paid the owner to break the lease and leave.  Andrea says that she heard that the management doesn't want to have another vendor occupy  that spot because they want to clear out that area completely.

What will happen to Andrea then?  What will happen to me, to the other vendors?

The weeding out contines ....

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