Saturday, July 12, 2014

Excellent Market Day

It was a fun, productive, and successful day at the market.

Perhaps it was my new summer dress that drew people to me.  It sure is bright and cheerful!  People (including me) seem to like that sort of thing.

Perhaps it was the set-up of my table; I tried to showcase all of my newest work.  Or, maybe it was the beautiful weather that contributed to people's general upbeat mood.  (One man, for no apparent reason, actually ran up to me just to give me a purple carnation!)

However, the thing that brightened up my day was meeting new fans from Indiana - and seeing some familar faces too!  (How could I ever forget you, Larry?  You've been my friend and unofficial promoter for over ten years!)

And, on that positive note, I'm going to head off to bed now because, although shmoozing maybe fun and productive, it  is also extremely tiring ...!

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