Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Juggling Fool

I'm just a juggling fool.  I really am!  Every day I write emails and texts to friends and employees, trying to juggle everybody's schedules (including mine) around so that everything jibes together.

It's been approximately two years since my brother and I have been on this ridiculous inheritance quest.  It's another thing for me to juggle.  Writing to lawyers, bankers, condo management people, accountants, financial advisors, and the real estate agent - it is one ball I'll be glad to get rid of!

And then, there's my art business:  Annie's Dandy Note Cards and Artwork.  Creating my art, producing a wide selection of merchandise from my soul's work, and then sending out my membership cards every month - in doing this, I'm attempting to show the world who I am and why I paint.

When I get overwhelmed sometimes, like yesterday for instance, I take solace in my funny, furry little beasts ...

and by grooving out to my YouTube playlist: Anne Rocks Out.

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