Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not Much to Say About This Particular Sunday

Today I got up and, as I was eating my brunch, I did the payroll for my employees; updated my finances; and, responded to email and texts.

I had a nice albeit rare visit from my brother Bruce.  He brought over a ton of old slides that he'd taken from our mother's condo (I'm dyimg to go through them all!) and this crazy-ass photo-porrait of Mom that her hairdresser Joe took and kept in his salon ... well, until he and Mom parted ways because of political differences.

I'm going to bed now because for two nights in a row my cat has woken me up to cuddle and get patted, which is both sweet and annoying at the same time!

I do wonder if maybe I'm waking him up, though, because I've been having these weird, disturbing dreams.

Dream #1 (SHORTENED VERSION)  Mom escapes from her hospital room, meets me in the lobby, sits down, and coffee starts flowing from her mouth

Dream #2 (SHORTENED VERSION) I get this computer job from Carla Barlow (from Coronation St), and as I begin to try to have a discussion with her regarding what I'm supposed to do, all of my letters and words slide off of my communication board.

Hopefully, my dreams won't be so Dali-esque tonight.

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