Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to Reality Part II

The laundry got done, my prescription was picked up, and I opened up two new accounts at CIBC.  I even had time to go with Brittainy and her boyfriend Billy to Starbucks and have my favourite frappe.

It all sounds so simple when I lay it out all like that.  Believe me, it was anything but simple ....

I hate banks - especially CIBC!!!   Rob used to call them Canadian Bank of Incompetent Commerce.  I mean, instead of blocking my debit card last night when I was trying to buy kitty litter at Loblaws (how embarrassing was that!) why couldn't they just call or email me in the daytime about their suspicions that my bank account had been hacked?  They have my email - I know they do because yesterday, during breakfast, they kept sending me validation codes to prove that I was who I was when I was sending money to my employees.

But I don't want to spend too much time on the aforementioned subject (I could spend hours and hours ranting and raving about it), I want to vent about their ableist attitudes. Honest to god I'm so fed up with people talking to my communication assistant and not to me!!! Two seperate employees of the bank kept looking at my communication assistant and talking to her even though I was looking right at them, trying to catch their eye, and telling them to talk directly to me and not my communication assistant. Sure, occassionally they would talk to me but 95% of the time they pretended I wasn't there or mentally competant.

There was also the matter of inaccessibility too. I mean there was one desk that I could get up to easily, but the phone wouldn't reach me  so I was moved to a desk where I had to sit sideways, which hurts my neck. And, there was a plaque on each desk that basically said if you weren't totally blown away by our fantastic service please tell us. I was in too much of a hurry to tell them about their fantastic service , so I'm writing this blog and an email to them in the morning.

To all the ableist bastards in the world, who have tons of bureauocratic power over people like me and who love to throw roadblocks in our way - I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!

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