Sunday, March 30, 2014


Yesterday was kind of up and down.  You know, some parts were good, some were ok, and some were frustrating and hard.

Although the market was slow, it wasn't bad.  I made $88.00 - not too bad for early sping!

There was more styrofoam art.  Laura drew this picture of me sleeping on the job.  Apparently, while Laura was in the bathroom, I had fallen asleep and a customer, who Laura had previously talked to, had taken one of my tote bags and left $20.00 beside me.  I had literally made a sale in my sleep!

We finished one crossword puzzle (ironically it was labeled "The Artist Within") and two cryptoquips.  That was fun!

After the market, I met Motria at Hot House for dinner.  As usual, the food was delicious and it was great to hang out with Motria!

I invited her back to my place, and we rented Saving Mr. Banks from iTunes and snacked upon leftover chocolate cake from the restaurant.

Both Motria and I really enjoyed the movie.  It was so interesting!  I had no idea that Mary Poppins was loosely based upon the author's life.

The movie brought up a lot of memories for both of us ... but more for me, I think.

I remember seeing Mary Poppins with my mother when I was a child, as well as watching The Wonderful World of DisneyPinocchio was my favourite Disney movie, although I also like The Sword in the Stone and I have a vivid memory of putting bubbles on my chin and pretending I was Merlin the Sorcerer.

So many memories filled my head, overwhelming me, making me wish that I had a time machine so I could go back to see my parents again and experience that child-like innocence once more.

And speaking of tumultuous, difficult memories, I was reminded today that this is the anniversary of the death of my friend Aaron Shelbourne.

Bloody hell, I miss Aaron so much! He was gutsy, outrageous, funny, erasible, and totally unforgettable.

I miss you, Aaron!  Wherever you are, I hope you're having lots of sex!  I love you!

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