Saturday, March 22, 2014

One of Those Weird and Wonderful Days

Today was one of those weird and wonderful days at the market.  It started out mostly weird in the beginning, though.

First, because Sarah was a bit late meeting me at the market, two of the other vendors offered to assist me in taking off my winter coat.  That was very kind and thoughtful of them, of course.  However, when they took off my coat, out fell the cushion for my back.  Like most people who don't know how to assist me they started to panic.   One person took me by the forearms and leaned me forward while the other tried to position the way she thought it should be placed.  Because my arms were being held, I couldn't use my communication board to explain to them how I wanted my cushion position. When I finally did break free of their grasping hands and pointed to "I'm fine" on my board, one person said, "Oh poor dear, she's just humouring us to make us feel better. Let's try again!" Fortunately, Sarah came soon afterwards, and I told her to assure them that I really was fine.

A few minutes later, a man who obviously knew me but who I couldn't place at all, talked to me for the longest five minutes ever, and left.  Seconds later, a woman came by and wished me a Happy Water Day before quickly disappearing into the crowd.  (Water Day? Is there such a thing? Is there a Land Day and a Sky Day too?)

And then,  my regular customers started showing up to chat and bring me gifts.  The crossiant/muffin man gave me (and Sarah) a bag of crossiants   A customer, who is also an artist, gave me a bag of water-based oil paint - I'm dying to try them!  The man who gave me five packets of keetchup a few weeks ago, tried to give me the hat he was wearing today. I told him no,  thank you.  (I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere!)

To be continued ....

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