Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird Dream

God I had the wierdest dream this afternoon! Yuula and the osteopath had left, and I was all alone. So, I went into my bedroom to pat the cats, and I dozed off.

My dream started out with Carla and the factory women from Coronation Street being my attendants. I was drawing, sitting on the floor like I used to do years ago.

I heard a sad song on the radio, and I started cying because it's a song about lost love.

Carla started to put me in my wheelchair, but as she does so the wheelchair and my TV start falling apart.  However, I didn't care about the condition of my chair, and I went out into the freezing rain, still crying.

Suddenly, Sherlock was beside me, telling me, "Go back, who will give Hershey his pill?" I told him I wanted to go and stop all of the sad songs and write some myself, some happy ones.

 And then, this old woman kept blocking my way, making me fall into a ditch over and over again.

 Bloody weird, I'd say!  I wonder what it all means ....

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