Friday, March 7, 2014

Eccentric Artist

All my life people have called me eccentric. I always laugh at this and wonder how I can top myself!  By being "eccentric", I believe that I'm challenging societal boundaries, as well as my own barriers/fears.

Wearing my painting clothes 99% of the time; painting many, many pictures of myself naked; pushing  myself to physical, mental, and emotional limits; baring all of my feelings of frustration, anger, love, sadness with my blog posts, speeches, and art - this is why I've been labeled as "eccentric".

Usually, labels tend to limit and damage a person's psyche.  However, I feel as if this one label gives me the freedom to seek out and try new things amd embrace new ideas.

Yuula thought it was hysterically funny that I went outside today without any coat or poncho on when it was only one degree.

Believe me, I've done WAY MORE "out there" stuff in my lifetime ....

And, hopefully, I'll continue with my eccentric ways!

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