Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, while Sarah was trimming my hair -

and she did a fabulous job, too! - I showed her an episode of a BBC series called Heartbeat.

It's about this small farming town in Britain, and it takes place in the 60's. Mom, Dad, (and even Rob) and I used to love watch the quirky characters every week and see how the mystery unfolded. One of my friends gave me a postcard of the hunky cop from the show.  After 16 years it still resides on my fridge.

Later on in the evening, I painted until 3am.  I'm 99% finished!

Perhaps it was because I had worked strenuously until 3am, or maybe it was because I woke up to more snow and ugly gray weather, whatever it was it made me so exhausted I had to have a nap in the afternoon. My two boys very generously kept me company as I slept!

Now, I have so much energy! Woo hoo! I'll either finish my painting, or work on my emails. However, I'll try not to stay up until 3am again!

God, I hope tomorrow isn't grey and snowy and cold. Mother Nature, get a grip... or take a Lorazepam!

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