Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sweet Hershey

On the first day of spring, I took Hershey to the vet's for blood work. About three months ago, maybe four, I found out he had a problem with his thyroid. The vet explained that a lot of older cats get it, but with medication it's usually no problem.

Well the pills were almost gone and I had to get them refilled, so when I did the vet said you need to bring Hershey in for blood work. The vet said he just wanted to check how the medication is working.

Lucy got him into the carrier no problem, and although he struggled and wiggled as I carried him on my communication board, he was very good. Hershey is such a sweet cat - both my boys are! And, of course, I bought them new toys as a reward!

All in all, it wasn't a bad experience - well, not for me anyway! (Hershey definitely wasn't happy about his trip to see the vet.) And yet, memories kept popping into my mind, times when both Rob and I took Dandylion to the vet. It was hard back then because I was on ODSP, and hardly able to feed Rob and myself, let alone pay vet bills. And, as Dandylion got older he needed more health care and medications. Because I am who I am, I still sometimes feel pangs of guilt for putting off vet visits, and yet my fury for ODSP balances my guilt out.

I hate ODSP so much, and I hate our government, too, for letting people with disabilities live way below the poverty line. I'm very sure that a lot of people who work for ODSP or the provincial government would say, "well, people on fixed incomes shouldn't have pets anyway!" Bastards!!! They think we should live on the bare minimum, no TV, no movies, and no pets. Maybe they should just put people in monasteries! (But the life of a monk has never been for me - give me my animals, my TV, and my booze, please!)

The Raise the Rates campaign is having demonstrations this weekend in several areas of Ontario, and that's brilliant! People are going to voice their outrage at not having a living wage, and not being heard by the government, even though we've been protesting for years about the same thing. It feels so maddening and frustrating that the government doesn't even acknowledge our collective voice!

For weeks I've been debating whether to go to the demonstration or not. The thing is, I work on Saturday, and the main demonstation is on that day. I want and I need to make money, and yet I want and I need to make my voice heard! Hmmm... maybe both - I am Super Anne, you know!

Maybe Hershey can be my sidekick - Humongous Hershey!

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