Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mulling it Over iin My Mind

I did some online banking today, wrote some emails and texts to friends and family, and I fine-tuned my employees' payroll.

Simone and Amy cleaned my whole apartment - that feels good!  And, Simone and I have been talking about going tobogganing at Christie Pitts on New Year's Eve.  How exciting and fun!

All day long, though, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about Christmas dinner and what I would put in my letter to Holiday Inn.  It has to be written well and include all of my outrage and indignation, and yet, it has to sound fairly reasonable as well.

But besides mulling what I'm going to write over in my head, I've also been wondering who I should send it to.  A lot of people say that the head office is my best bet. I kind of agree with them, and yet, I wonder if Carlon Restaurant is run by someone else (like Starbucks at Holiday Inn is run by, well, Starbucks), and if that's the case, the hotel might not have any jurisdiction over the restaurant.

Somebody suggested that I contact the union of the restaurant and just talk to them about improving their relationship with their clientele who have disabilites.

Maybe I'll try that, too ....

Maybe I'll send a copy of my letter to EVERYONE!

(Evil laugh.)

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