Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to Normal

I'm feeling much better today.  Back to Normal, you might say.  Whatever that means ....

No more napping with my cats in the middle of the afternoon - delightful, though, as that has been!

Now it's back to work: answering emails, keeping the employees' scheduling straight, doing my fiinances, and (of course!) buying/wrapping Christmas presents.

I've exchanged a few gifts.  Motria gave me a chocolate snowman and the DVD Blow with Johnny Depp - I loved both!  And I gave her two gift cards and a bottle of wine that was in the shape of a cat.

Today, I gave Sarah a box of oysters and a LCBO gift card, and she gave me a tin of British mini Rolos and a bottle of homemade peppermint mocha liqueur.

I just hope Hershey'll let me near it! He's such a lush, you know ....

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