Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How Are You Doing?

I got a text today from one of my friends asking: "How are you doing?" 

I cried for about a minute after reading this. Sometimes, like Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, this simple question seems too invasive, too personal.  In order to deal with the holidays, I do my best to pretend that the degree I miss the people I've loved and lost is actually less than it really is.

After the minute passed, I went back to what I'd been doing beforehand: playing Scrabble and Words with Friends on my iPad, and listening to my YouTube playlist.

The playlist I listen to most often is called "Anne Rocks Out" - and in my mind's eye, I do rock out! I dance and I sing, and sometimes I try out for America's Got Talent! Of course I win! This makes me happy.

I remember as a kid, laying in the livingroom listening to records on my parents stereo. I did the same thing back then as I do now, only then it was The Ed Sullivan Show.

Of course, sometimes celebrities creep into my fantasies too. Back then it was The Monkees and Donny Osmond. Now its Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch (or just Sherlock), Hugh Jackman, or David Tennant!

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas everybody! ...And, if the holidays are getting you down like me, Happy Fantasies!

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