Friday, July 5, 2013

Weird Dreams

I've always had very vivid and odd dreams.  I like dreaming; I look forward to going to sleep just to see what my mind will conjur up next. 

Me, as a crime-fighter on rollerblades.  Me, naked, in a bathtub with Burt Reynolds, fighting off piranhas that are coming from the drain. (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! SCARY!)  Me, mountain-climbing with my two cats.

Sometimes I'm not even in my own dreams, which is so weird.

And speaking of weird, last night I dreamt that I was telling Dominic West and Ben Wishaw of The Hour that I loved them both and their show.  Ben Wishaw melted away so that he was just a pictue in a magazine. Within the magazine article, I could see a quote from Ben saying, "Fans who fawn over me are so tedious."  Suddenly, Dominic grabbed my hand and shouted, "Quick!  We have to get someone out of hell!"  I was dragged to the edge of this huge, firey crevasse, and Dominic said to me, "We need to find the man with no legs." I replied, "No, we need to find the man whose legs were made out of steel!"

Weird, right?  What does that mean?!

The absolutely weirdest dream that I've ever had was on Tuesday night.  It was one of these dreams where I don't even make an appearance.

This dog named Henry loved another dog named FiFi, but Henry found out that FiFi's owner was moving to Europe and taking her with him.  Upset, Henry (somehow!) forged an email from his owner's boss telling him (the owner) that he'd been transferred to Europe.  Henry was ecstatic that his plan had worked, until he found out that his owner was going to leave him in a kennel.  So, Henry ran away and (somehow!)  convinced a homeless person to pretend to be his owner and take him to Europe to be with FiFi.

I swear I don't smoke crack.

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