Friday, July 26, 2013

Pictures From July 26, 2013

My boys make me smile, even when I'm so frustrated I could scream!

Yesterday I called ODSP and explained to them that my wheelchair needed repairs.  They told me to call Motion Specialties and ask them to fax them a work order.  So, I did, right?  Well, today Motion called me back and said, "What do you mean? We don't fax ODSP the work order - they fax it to us! We don't keep work orders in stock.  When ODSP faxes it to us, we will fax them an invoice."  So, I called ODSP right away and explained the situation in a phone message.  Did they call me back?  No, of course not!

I would like ODSP to pay for the repairs before August 1st, my cut-off date.  That would be sensational! However, I am looking forward to never having to deal with such bloody nonsense again!

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