Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Things on My Mind

Pride weekend was cool, great, fantastic, and brilliant!  And yet ....

On Sunday evening, after a fun time on Church St., I was just about to go into my apartment building when this weird guy came up to me and said point blank:  "You know, right, that you'll only last nine more years ... maybe seven."  I could feel his eyes boring into me; his hatred and distain of me were almost palatable.

I wanted to spell out to him, "Fuck you!  How dare you say such a terrible thing to me!  You don't know me at all!"  And yet, I couldn't because Amy was talking to a friend of mine.

And then the jerk just walked off.

This whole incident makes me feel three different things:  Hurt and angry that this shmuck looked at me as if I were a drain on society.  Scared and superstitious because so many bad things have happened to me with the number nine. And, terribly sad that I don't have my mom and Rob around to comfort me.

 I can hear them now.  Rob would have said, "Point him out to me so I can yell at him and tell him he only has nine seconds left." And mom would have said, "Don't listen to him, you're going tp live to 99!"

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