Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paint is in My Mind and in My Veins

I've been painting all afternoon and evening.  I like the painting I'm working on; it's challenging, both technically and emotionally.

Today I painted a portrait of Rob standing there, looking sweet and goofy and utterly adorable in his cowboy hat.  His image is in the lower right corner of my painting.

It hurt so much to paint him.  (I can hear my dear self-depreciating Rob saying: "Yeah, because I'm so ugly , right?"  No, Rob, that's not why!)  It looks exactly like him, and reminds me of that first year of dating him, getting to know him, falling in love with him, back in '88, when he would come to my family home every weekend to take me out.

Oh, Rob, how I wish I could slip into this photograph and be with you, and start our life together all over again.

For now, however, I'll just have to satisfy my yearning of you by painting you over and over again ....

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