Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Second Day Without My Wheelchair

I left an OCAP meeting early and ran home (in my commode chair, with Sarah pushing me)  and took a percocet right away.  It's been that sort of day: pain in my back, neck, shoulders, and my left hip too!  Ouch!

I could have had my wheelchair brought back to me tomorrow, but Motion Specialties called this morning and said that the mechanical part of it had been repaired but my headrest was still broken. I responded by saying that although I was desperate to get my wheelchair back, I really needed my headrest repaired because in recent months the back of my head was getting very sore from the less padded part.  Also, the headrest had been hurtiing my right underarm a lot, because whenever I attempted to get into my wheelchair I'd throw my arm over the top of the seat of my wheelchair, to support myself,, and almost always land on the less padded part of the headrest - the part where very hard metal is barely covered at all.

So, here I was choosing between muscular pain from sitting on my commode chair for days on end, or to continue to batter myself with a less than sufficent headrest.

Hopefully, everything will be fixed soon, and then I can get back to my regular life!

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