Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rock Star Annie

I'm listening to my "Songs I Love" playlist on YouTube. I'm trying to cheer myself up. 

"So What" by Pink.  I like this song because it's like the lyrics are kicking me in the butt, saying so what my wheelchair is still broken, so what if I yearn to tell Rob and Mom all of my troubles - I am a rock star!  I got my rock moves!

"Feel it Burn" by Kim Mitchell.  I love this song, but it reminded me too much of Rob and made me sad and wistful.

"Last of the Red Hot Fools"  by The Jitters.   (See above)

"Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol.  All my life I've fantasized about being a professional dancer.  As a small child, I asked my mom to book me on the Ed Sullivan Show so I could tap dance on the foot rest of my wheelchair.

"Lament of the Plinth" by Fiver (Simone)  I love this song and the fact that I have a very talented, brilliant friend and occasional roomie.

So, yeah.  So what if I'll be without my wheelchair from Monday until Wednesday of next week while it gets fixed.  So what if I felt nuts when I was talking to my worker at ODSP and she told me definitely I'd be cut off of funds and assistance as of August 1st.   I'll deal with whatever comes along.

After all, I am a rock star ....

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