Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best Laid Plans of Artists and Wheelchairs

Bloody hell!  I was all set up to paint, ready to tap into all of the emotions that I had stirred up during my counselling session today, but suddenly my wheelchair broke down.

I had made a few good strokes upon the canvas and was trying to visualize how to develop my painting further, when I got annoyed by an advertisement that had interrupted my "Songs I Love" playlist on YouTube.  I drove my wheelchair over to where my laptop was, stopped the ad, and selected a song by Heart.  I tried to drive my wheelchair back over to the easel, but I found that my wheelchair would only go left and right not forwards and backwards.

I was trapped! Fortunately, Dobrila came in about ten minutes later and helped me call the emergency line of Motion Specialties.  The guy said he'd be here soon to look at my chair.

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