Monday, July 22, 2013

Manic Monday

I had a good, busy day.  I met with someone about having bi-weekly meetings in my building for the rest of the summer, mailed off a package to one of my customers, had my photo taken in Japan Camera for the passport renewal thing I need to send out, and bought groceries at Sobey's.

I had intended to paint after dinner, but because Sarah and I had watched an episode of Coronation Street where one character finds out she has (spoiler alert!) pancreatic cancer - I got all choked about it!  It wasn't that this character was my all-time favourite - although, I do like Haley, sure - it was more of  an emotional trigger.  So many people I knew and loved had died.  I fought back the tears, distracted myself by looking at different objects around me.  I knew then that it would be a bad idea to work on my current painting.

After Coronation Street, Sarah and I watched QI, which was about gift giving.  It made us laugh a lot, and that's good.   It made me feel hopeful too.  Laughter always makes me feel hopeful.

Maybe Haley will survive.  I hope so.  Her character is honourable, loving, and empathetic.  I hate it when good people die, it's very unsatisfying.  And, yet, I have to remind myself, if Haley does die, it's not the end of the world.  Sad, yes, but why waste tears on fiction?

Tomorrow I paint!

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paigeowens7 said...

Hi, Annie! I don't know if you remember me. A couple of friends and I met you at the Lawerence Market on Saturday. We were in Toronto on a trip with our church. We know Larry, and he told us great things about you, so we wanted to meet you! Well I just wanted to say hi! I have my own blog on BlogSpot, so I look forward to following yours!