Sunday, June 2, 2013

Satisfyingly Busy

I used to love sleeping in until 11am on Sundays, because working at the market on Saturdays exhausts me.

Lately, though, I keep waking up ridiculously early, my eyes wide open and my mind working over-time. I have to do this and this, I think to myself, and that, and the other thing.  Oh, don't forget about that other thing because it's time sensitive and SO important!

When I did get up, I got the laundry done, wrote emails, designed and ordered new cards and merch, threw out a bunch of stuff to clear off a shelf for my mother's Royal Doultan figurine and teacups, and paid both my Vistaprint and Etsy accounts.

I'm on fire!

Tomorrow I paint!

... and maybe do some more spring cleaning.

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