Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Very Vodka Day

So, I debated for ages about going to the underwear show at Cafe California this year.  I knew it would be hard  without Mom.  She used to look forward to this event so much every year! 

On Monday of this week, I bit the bullet and made a reservation for this evening.  Beforehand, I went to my bi-weekly grief counseling session, which helped me prepare to go to the underwear show.

I knew I would cry, and I did, but only a tear or two.  I could picture Mom sitting and clapping to the music, saying, "There's that Church St beat again!"

Despite missing Mom, I had a good time.  The food was delicious and the men were hot! Plus, much to my amazement, I won a HUGE gift basket of Iceberg Vodka!!! Like  H U G E !  There has to be at least ten bottles. Not only that, but there was an iceberg shaped lamp included, which holds the biggest bottle of liquor in place.  Hilarious!

Mom, I love you.  And, maybe I'm crazy but I think you were with me this evening, watching all of the cute boys dance ....

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