Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3D Pores

I'm very tired, so this won't be very long.

Well, first, I met my brother Bruce at another financial institution.  We both thought we would be signing papers, but they told us the papers would be sent out to us next week. This  wasn't too much of a hardship for me because I live in the area, but poor Bruce had to come from Scarborough after driving a bus for eight hours.

Afterwards, Sarah and I went to see the new Star Trek movie in 3D IMAX.  It was fast paced and entertaining, but at times the 3D effects seemed blurry and way too close-up!  We could see every pore on everyone's faces. Of course, it could also be attributed to the wheelchair seating being so near to the screen too.

I'm sure. however, if I met Benedict Cumberbatch in person and was so close to him that I could count his pores - I wouldn't be complaining!

I think I'll go to bed now and dream about Benedict Cumberbatch, whether he's Sherlock or Khan, good or evil, near or not too far ....

Good night.

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