Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paint and Pain

I painted for most of the afternoon and evening.  I like how this piece is shaping up.  It's called "'My Torturous Mind".  It's all about my grief, how I'll be going along, happy as a clam, and then, all of a sudden, I'll hear some song or see some place or thing and it's like a trap door springs open and all of these thoughts, feelings, and memories come spilling out.

It's cathartic, sure, but hard too. Plus, my neck is killing me from working so hard - time for some 2-22's and Gravol!

Next painting: pretty flowers or cute pets ....  Maybe landscapes, flowers, or nudes  ....  Hmm ....

It's good to balance out one's art.  I'd go flaming nuts if I had to do either dark, thought-provoking paintings or ones that are more, well, benign.

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