Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Weirdness of Life

The Thoughts That Grow Out of my Head: Empathy, Hope & Strength

Several years ago, Sarah and I were sitting in Tim Hortons, and I spelled out to her: "I have so many plans growing out of my head!" Sarah thought I'd said "plants"' not "plans" - and we both laughed and laughed about this for several minutes, joking that we should water my head or put plant food on it so foliage of ideas would continue to spout and grow.

(This was how the painting above came into existence.)

Today a tiny sprig of an idea began to shoot up from my mind: Write a sci-fi story about a person, like myself, who is grieving for someone she recently lost, and she keeps having these weirdly coincidental things happening.  At first, she just tries to shrug it all off, but then it becomes clear that people from other dimensions are trying to communicate with her and spur her on to do something great.

What  inspired this idea?  I'll tell you!

I had a good morning.  I was happy and very productive.  However, when I started telling Simone about my feelings, I immediately got "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty into my head.  The lyrics made me cry and feel incredibly sad.  And then, later on in the day, when 'Sarah was serving me dinner, I was about to look something up on YouTube when I saw "Recommended for you because you watched Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street:  Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line."

How spooky was that?!  I'd looked up "Baker Street:" on YouTube months ago to see why it had made me cry when I heard it playing  in Tim Hortons.  Why today did YouTube make reference to it?  Coincidence? Most probably.

And yet, I can't forget that on Dandylion's birthday this year the word "DANDY" came up on my Words With Friends rack as clear as day!  Coincidence?  Sure, probably.  Or, something more  ....? 

Doo-doo doo-doo, doo-doo doo-doo.

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Ashley Gibson said...

I love those kinds of coincidences...

Recently I did a show to celebrate my mom's life. Many of the songs had themes of light and finding light in the darkness, which I didn't realize until the set list was complete.

The night before the show I was reading through my mom's journal and was looking at a list she had written of things she liked and realized she had also included a list of dislikes as well.

One of them was darkness.

It was so fitting and perfect and wonderful and a beautiful "coincidence" -- or maybe not.