Friday, March 1, 2013

The Power of Social Media

Social media may have helped fix the accessibility issue at Tim Hortons! Right on Marc Wafer! Thank you for your help.

Social media has also suggested to me the possibility of "friending" Justin Trudeau, enabling me to make endless jokes about "poking" him! (He's cute, but I don't think he has the single-mindedness and conviction of his father. I predict that our pokes will be brief and unmemorable.)

I've had a good day, and got lots of things done. Now I'm relaxing and taking 222s and lorazepam and eating steak and drinking rye and Coke. Woo hoo!

Hershey is sitting in front of me with the single-mindedness of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He will stand for nothing less than pumpkin and pats.

Fuddle-duddle, everybody!  Haha!

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