Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Pictures, Some Words

What a day!  I laughed, I cried, I bought cat food and art supplies.

I spent some quality time with Sarah, Laura, and Simone. (Since I don't have a picture of Simone, you can check out her band website where there are tons of pictures of her here.) These three are my friends, employees, and confidantes. I love them all and they love me back. 

Most times the boundaries between friends and employees are clear, but sometimes they blur. It has been the cause of my emotional stress for the past 10 days because these boundaries blurred between another employee and myself.  We will figure it out because we care about each other

There was talk about moving on. Laura is almost finished her nursing degree, and Sarah says that maybe in a few years she'll move between Ottawa and Toronto.  It makes me sad to hear this, and yet I know it's just part of life.  And I know that if Sarah and Laura move on to do other things, they will remain friends with me.

Who else will give me stick poke tattoos and play drunken scrabble with me?

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gentile said...

i will continue to commit to drunken scrabble, albeit online, for years , my dear!