Saturday, March 30, 2013

Springtime at the Market

I had a good day at the market today.  Perhaps it was the nicer weather or because of the holiday, but people seemed more cheerful and friendly, and they were really into buying my rabbit cards!

The highlight of my day was meeting this family who had found my website and enjoyed reading my blog. The parents wanted me to talk to one of their kids (his name was Tim) about my art. They said they wanted me to inspire him so that he could do better at school.

 Like me,Tim has CP, which affects his motor skills.  I explained to him that art wasn't all about how straight your lines are or about how "perfect" your painting looks.  Art is about expressing yourself - your thoughts, feelings, and personal ideals!

Art, I also told Tim, should be fun.  Have fun as you create your work, let your imagination flow freely, experiment with colours and shapes.

I had my picture taken with Tim, and I told him and his family that they could could come to see me painting any time they wanted.

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