Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Productive and Fun Day

Today was both fun and productive for me.

In the morning, as I chatted with my enchanting niece Michelle over Facebook, I wrote emails and watched the latest episode of Coronation St.

In the afternoon, Yuula, Motria, and I went to see a movie called Blood Pressure.  The title and previews for it seemed far more provocative than the actual movie.  Towards the end, I had to keep stopping myself from drifting off to sleep.  And, I groaned and rolled my eyes at the movie's ridiculous conclusion.  Sheesh!  I could write a better plot than that!

And, during dinner, while watching Modern Family and Grimm,  I finished calculating my 2012 income and expenses, and emailed them to my accountant so that he can do my taxes.

Phew! No more waking up several times worrying about that anymore!

I just need to order more greeting cards and info cards before I go to bed or else that'll keep me awake too!

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