Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day at the Market

I had a good day at the market.  Sales weren't sensational (I didn't even hit the $100.00 mark!) but people were friendly and liked my new merchandise - like the iPhone cover with the picture of a bunny on it!

My friend Leon gave me his weekly gift of a couple of booze-filled chocolates.  And, Judith very kindly followed suit, as well as giving me another gift of a can of Red Bull.  (I was extra tired today due to three nights of insomnia.) Plus, one of my regular customers gave me a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

 But I think the highlight of my day had to be when I stopped at the RBC ATM to deposit money and saw Batman and Robin standing outside.  They kindly agreed to have their picture taken with me.

Maybe I could be the next Batgirl ....?

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