Monday, March 25, 2013

Steakasaurus Part 2

I'm more awake now and ready to continue my story ....

So, Brittainy and I went to Mount Sinai Hospital, and sure enough, people there recognized me from when I was there the last time I was there.  That was good because at least I didn't have to convince them this time that I actually did have something stuck in my esophagus!

However they still went through the annoying process of saying, "Yes, we know you'll probably need a scope, but we have to try these other procedures first. Even though we know from our charts that it has never worked." I groaned and accepted the fact that I would be given a useless muscle relaxant and an X-ray. (Meat never shows up on an X-ray!)

And another annoying thing was that all the doctors and nurses started to talk to Brittany and not me about my problem. Infuriated,  I finally said, "Please talk directly to me, it's my problem not my assistants!" And one doctor assumed that I couldn't sign the paper and that Brittany would sign for me. I said,"No no no no! I can sign it myself!" For goodness sake it's 2013! Get with the program!!

So after hours of consultation and waiting and getting pricked and waiting and getting x-rayed and waiting, at 1 am they finally shoved the scope down my esophagus. I slept for three hours then got up and went home.

So that was my weekend!

Guess what I'm having for dinner? Steak!!! Am I brave or what?

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