Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Community

I was going to write humourous tales from my day at the market.   I was also going to talk about how I braved the incredibly cold and gusty weather, and how I yearned for spring.

Instead, I want about my friends, my community, and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

I've trained many people these past two months, which is one reason why I've been extra, extra stressed out lately.  I mean, emotionally, it's hard; Rob used to help me train people.  He would  give advice and encouragement, as well as spot them during transfers.

Well, anyway, today, with the assistance of Yuula, I re-trained a former employee named Kelly who hadn't worked for me for five years.  After dinner, Yuula went off-duty and Kelly went home for a two hour break.  I was happy that I could have time to myself to get more work done.

Unfortunately, right after Yuula and Kelly left,  I began having gastrointestinal problems - I hate that! And then, the fired rang loudly and I heard at least three firetrucks arrive.  It was stressful, and I was super anxious, but I texted all of my friends/employees with my iPad and everybody banded together to think of ways of how to help me.  Laura's friend Jeff, who lives close by came over and gave me meds, AJ called 911 to see if my building was on fire (it wasn't!), and Kelly came back a bit earlier.

Thanks, you guys!  I love you!

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