Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Getting Things Straightened Out

The other night I was dreaming that College Park (a mall near me, for those who don't live in Toronto) had been turned into a school. I was a teacher there, and I taught anarchy.

However, the most memorable thing about this dream was the excitement I felt as my friend Dolores (a woman Mom and I knew from Stanton House Lodge up in Muskoka) and I cleaned up the school's kitchen and dining area, as we prepared for my mother's visit.  It would be so good to see Mom again, I thought, and to show her all of the new changes!

When I awoke, I had the oddest experience.  It was as if my sensory output had somehow been transported back 36 years to my very girly bedoom.  The same cool breeze that blew in from my window, trying bravely to defeat the suffocating humidity, seemed truly reminicent of my childhood/young womanhood. The joyous laughter of children and buzzing of working machinery outside also sounded as if it could have come from my deep past.

 So many changes had happened within these past years.  Most of all, I had changed.  I've had to ...

Today I answered emails, smoothed out a problem with an employee, paid for Hershey's thyroid pills, and booked an appointment with a lawyer for Thursday.  As a treat, I had a tuna sub for my dinner, as well as a peppermint mocha frappuccino and double chocolate brownie.

Mom would have been pleased to see how well I'm doing. With every little wrinkle that comes into my life, I quickly (although with some stress and anxiety) get things straightened out.

Mom would have been pleased to see how well I'm doing, but she wouldn't have been really all that surprised.

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