Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Internal Struggle of Anne K Abbott

This was Counseling Wednesday, and it wasn't too gut-wrenching this time.  I cried some but not a lot.

I started out by talking about my recent dream, where I was super excited that my mother was going to visit me and that I'd tell her about all of the changes in my life.

To me, I surmised to my counselor, my dream was telling me (as if I didn't know already!) that I was really missing Mom and having our mother/daughter interactions.  And, my mother would always symbolize to me love; security; warmth; understanding.

Part of me yearns for the past, where I had few worries or anxieties.  Most decisions were made for me; rarely, if ever, was I consulted where matters of my own life were concerned.

A bigger part of me, though, revels in my independence; I've had to fight to get it and to keep it.  And, yes, sometimes I get tired of all of the responsibility that rests upon my shoulders, but, on the other hand, I feel proud of everything I accomplish.

Of course, that brings up other things that I struggle with internally.  I feel proud of myself for everything I juggle each day, and yet I berate myself for not doing enough.

Part of me wants to move forward and do things and go to places I used to with Mom and Rob.   I want to go back to Britain, stroll along Harbour Front, and have fun at the C.N.E. - but my grief is like an anchor that holds me back!

And yet, I have confidence that my internal struggles will sort themselves out one day ...

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