Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Saving The Hard Parts For Later

Hmmmmm... that title sounds very suggestive. What I meant is my greif counseling was very difficult for me today and I was going to talk about it at lenght but I think I'll talk about what cheered me up.

I decided I needed some restraunt thearapy, so Lucy and I sat on the patio of Hair of The Dog and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The food was delicious and Lucy made me laugh a lot.

After dinner we went to te drug mart and I bought a new computer speaker, and then we went to Starbucks. Lucy had a coffee and I had a frappuccino. The guy in Starbucks was happy to see me, which always makes me smile.  And then I made him smile when he asked me how many frappuccinos I have in a day and replied "Oh, maybe one, maybe two, maybe 3..."

When Lucy and I came back to my apartment I played one of my favourite new songs from YouTube. Actually it's an old song from the 1970s and sure I've heard it many times, but a couple of weeks ago Brittainy mentioned it and I played it, and I've been fascinated by it ever since. The song is called  "The Night Chicago Died"

The song is about how Al Capone and his gang shot up Chicago. What fascinates me is the fast and very upbeat tempo it has. Its so odd that they're singing about such a horrific event in American history with such zest. I wonder how they came up with the idea to write a song about this and why did they put such joyous energy into it?

Hm, maybe I'll have to listen to it one more time...

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