Saturday, September 20, 2014

Are You Ok, Miss?

So,  I was two thirds of the way to the market, waiting for the light to change so I could continue on my way, when this guy, walking towards me from the opposite direction, kept yelling at me, "Are you ok, miss? Miss, are you ok? Miss, are you ok?"

I rolled my eyes and looked away in annoyance. What the fuck was wrong with him for Christ's sake? Many other people have had the same kind of weird reaction to me crossing the road, so I was kind of used to it ... unfortunately.

I just don't get it. Everyday people cross the street without shocked and panicked reactions from other people. What the big deal if I cross the street on my own? I showed no sign of panic or trepidation about what I do every Saturday morning.

Don't people know I am Super Anne? Hmm ...  Maybe I need to start wearing my cape and having St. Lawrence Market send an "Anne Signal" ....

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