Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guest Blog - Deep Dish with Simone Schmidt on the Inside Track

HI HO Readers,
This is guest blogger Simone, in for another issue of  
INSIDE TRACK: Anne Abbott's Personal Support Worker Dishes To The Extreme.

I must admit I have broken a few dishes of Anne's in my day.  Two weeks ago I dropped a beautiful purple glass bowl, and on the floor it shattered along with my self-esteem.  Some people think that being a PSW is simple work, and in many ways it is.  But simple isn't easy, and sometimes the hardest task is to hold another person's standards to a daily task that one might do differently at home.  Case in point: Cat Petting.  I often pet cats roughly in my own home, but being an extension of Anne's arm means that I must pet the cats in a kinder, more Anne way.   While I might dom in my domestic, here I must submit to the will of President Abbott.  So it goes. 

One thing you might not know about Anne is that she has 18 pairs of shoes.  Most often she opts for Punky Brewster style crazy shoes, but the option to go for a suede beige hushpuppy, or a sleek black runner is always there.   Recently she has outdone the presidential collection by purchasing some shoes that light up.

One might wonder why I am tasked with guest blogging today.  Is the president ill?  Is she negotiating yet another ill thought out free trade agreement?  Is she meeting at Remington's with the PVC lobbyists again?  No. The President, though she is a woman of many profound words, has taken a break today because she "has nothing to say."   I should say, this sounds much more dismal than it is. For every wise woman comes a moment when she pauses to reflect, and parse the thoughts that knot up her head.   Picture her brain a spaghetti ball.   Let tonight's rest allow for the fork and the spoon to act nimbly tomorrow, so that we might all be able to eat her brains again without spilling too much sauce.

The most surprising dish I ever served the President was a simple omelette on her birthday.  I never would have thought she would vear on the savoury side, and yet, after nine years in service on and off, I should not be surprised that I am surprised.

Take care all of you little saucers,
Smell you later fork lazers,
Don't be shy apple pies!

The  Presidential Aide

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