Thursday, September 18, 2014

Second Day of Honouring Rob Warenda

I'm still eating KFC and pizza, and drinking scotch and whiskey, Sweety.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have coffee with my breakfast.

I hope you can taste what I'm consuming.  It would please me to know that you can enjoy your favourite things through me.  Let me be your conduit, Sweety.

I've listened to some of your favourite music, like Under My Wheels  by Alice Cooper.  And, I listened to one of your podcasts: Kicked out of Podcast Camp Toronto   You hated the sound of your own voice, but I loved it and will continue to love it and yearn to hear it again for the rest of my life.

I'm going to stay up until 3:30am, my love; to honour the last time you drew breath five years ago at that exact time.  I'll drink scotch and water with Maddie, and toast to your memory.  Stories of your kindness, gentleness, and maddening self-depreciatiom will pour forth from me.

I will love you forever, Robert Shane Warenda.

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