Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Worrisome Saturday

Money-wise and customer-wise it was a pretty good day at the market.  People were nice, chatty, and bought items in bulk.

Technology-wise and health-wise, however, things weren't exactly great.  My Intuit app just refused to accept my password, so I couldn't receive Visa payments from my customers.

And, although this didn't affect me directly, I was offering comfort and a sympathetic ear to two of my closest friends.

Yuula found out that her mother was in the hospital.  Later on this evening, it was confirmed that Yuula's mother had suffered a heart attack but would, hopefully, make a full recovery.  I certainly could feel for Yuula; memories of Rob, his mother, and my mother spun around and round in my head.  Heart disease is a terrible thing!

And poor Motria; her beloved cat Hank has stomach cancer.  Having had many pets over the years, I know the pain and stress of seeing a creature I love wasting away before my eyes.

Why can't my fantasies come to actuality?  Why can't I have magical powers and cure all of the good, honourable people/pets?

Oh well, maybe one day ....

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