Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bruce

The day at the market started out sweetly ... if you pardon the pun!

Some kind person gave me five mini KitKat bars.  YAY!  Way better than gifts of bread!

Although, getting more "dough" would have been nice ....

Unfortunately, no matter how wonderful my artwork and merchandise appeared - and many people did complement me on my talent ... !

... and, no matter how friendly and charming I tried to be, I still only made $25.00 today.

However, I had a great time with Bruce and the kids at the Spaghetti Factory.

It's Bruce's birthday tomorrow, Groundhog Day.  (I've always joked with Bruce about this fact.)  And, we decided to get together to celebrate his 59 years.

It was wonderful seeing them, as it always is.  I think everybody enjoyed themselves, too, and I think Bruce liked his present from me:  season one of American Horror Story and two lottery tickets.

Happy Birthday, Bruce!  Let me know if you see your shadow tomorrow or not ....

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